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Our Story

The beginning of life-long fun

In early childhood the foundation for the rest of life is built. That is why we employ the best coaches and teachers to begin the journey's at Hoglets. Our leaders are experts in the fields, qualified teachers, senior leaders and top-notch coaches to ensure that each child gets the best start. Everyone knows that fitness is good for you. But at Hoglets, we make it about the individual — and we’ll help your child carve their own lane.

The nursery and early years department at Happy Hedgehog Sports created Hoglets in 2023 we aid children's development at every stage. Hoglets provides an inspiring and nuturing environment in which children will interact, play and develop with both other children and staff.

Our People

Our leadership team - Our leadership team is part of Happy Hedgehog Sports, a company coaching children successfully since 2011. We're an outfit created by qualified teachers with decades of experience (including senior leadership).

Our Head of EYFS 


Danielle is a qualified teacher with 8 years of EYFS experience. Danielle ensures that Hoglets meets all of our compliance and governance needs. 

Our Head of Hoglets

Our outstanding Teacher Niamh has been with Happy Hedgehog Sports since 2021 and was appointed to the role of Head of Hoglets in 2023.

Niamh is a qualified teacher with a postgraduate certificate in primary education. She is a dance and gym specialist with extensive coaching experience.

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